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McKellar Consulting is a fundraising consultancy serving non-profit organizations and political figures. We design advanced strategies perfected through leveraged business relationships.

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About McKellar Consulting

McKellar is a fundraising consultancy serving non-profit organizations and political figures. We offer our clients advanced strategies designed and perfected by Annie Presley and her unique business experiences while working throughout the United States particularly in Missouri, Kansas, Washington DC and on Wall Street.  As a fundraising devotee and proponent of The Art and Science of Fundraising, Annie is pleased to have helped McKellar clients raise more than $700 million for charities and political figures over the last 30 years.

What's with the Boot?

We are so often asked, "So...what's with the purple boot?"  A Springfield, Missouri native, Annie Presley says she was either barefoot or had on cowboy boots as a child.  An early riser and always one to find a way to make a buck, Annie still does business on a handshake and can size up most any deal with her Missouri intuition.

Purple boots were just one way among the seven kids in her melded family to find her shoes in the pile and get busy.  They remind her how important it is to be financially independent, fiscally responsible, and ethically correct when the tough decisions need to be made.  Grandmother McKellar told her that "stick-to-it-ness" was a great lesson that she learned early.  Perseverance is a bigger word for it.  And it goes hand-in-hand with honesty and integrity.  Just one little purple boot comes loaded with all that!!


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